I am a Work at Home Dad...
"There is
better then
you helped
land their
dream job
while at the
same time
$20,000 or

-Scott Ritter,

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I share all of my
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My Background

I’m not going to get into a long story about my life before I stared working from home but lets just say I have “done it
when it comes to various jobs in the past including being a baker, box clerk, line cook, radio disc jockey, paper
mill worker, bartender, etc….

About eight years ago, I started looking for something I could do from home to make money that would give me more time
with my family.  If any of you
(heck, I’ll bet most of you) have ever tried to find “work from home” opportunities online,
you know what I mean when I say that
I found 95% of them to be scams in one way or the other.  The other 5%
seemed to require a significant investment, which I did not have.

Then I found recruiting online...

I ended up making $49,000 my very first year (back in 2000) while training with an agency. Now, for someone who
was used to making around $15,000 to $17,000 per year,
jumping to $49,000 was HUGE.  It was truly life

My wife was the one who suggested I start my own recruiting agency (become an Independent Recruiter) so in 2001,
American Engineering Corp became a reality. Since then, I have built up my recruiting company and we have been
growing every year.

How much money can you make?  

There is no reason you can’t make $50,000 to $70,000 your first year (yes, I am being a little conservative) but I
have not made less then $100K/yr since I went on my own in 2001
and many good recruiters regularly make
$200K per year.

Why I Wrote this Manual

One of the things that has always bothered me with other “income opportunity” or “work from home” opportunities is the
question of, if they are making so much money, why are they selling their information?  If you think about it, it makes
 Why would anyone who is doing well financially need you to buy their program unless the reason they
are doing well is from selling you their program?

Well, I would like to answer that question up front and in one word.  Consistency.  While what I do has (and will
continue) to make me a lot of money, It's always good to have several sources of income when working online. So, my
hopes for this book are two fold.  One, to help people who may be interested in doing what I do and two,
make some
consistent income doing it!

Decision Time

So, you know what I do for a living, and how I got here, and why I’m writing this eBook...

Question is, are willing to take that first step towards being self employed?

Are you
sure you desire to spend more time with your family by working out of your own home

If you can answer yes to both of those questions, click on the "BUY NOW" button below and we’ll get started!

My name is Scott Ritter and I
have not made less then
$100,000 per year
since I
started working out of my
home in 2001...
Getting started back in '01