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AEC Project Accelerator®


A two week project ramp-up that includes complete talent vetting and full scope setup of your web or mobile app project using Agile team methodologies and cutting-edge Scrum tools.

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When you are self funded and need it done right the first time.

Development Shops

When you want to increase bandwidth and ROI allowing an Accelerator handle the ramp-up.

Freelance Developers

When you are too busy with current project to take on another ramp up.

Stealth Start-ups

When you don't want to hand your project over for someone else to manage

Design Agencies

When you need a great partnership for the next stage of your client's projects.

VEnture Capital firms

When you want to be sure your Web/Mobile investments start off on the right foot.

We have been working with that same developer now since he started with us through AEC and we couldn’t be happier. We continue to use the same Agile methods and tools that Scott helped us setup in those first two weeks of working with AEC

 AEC Project Accelerator® Includes These Services

Project Scope

Reviewing the design documents and breaking the project down into sections with estimations of time to complete so a ballpark estimation of total time and cost can be filtered

Developer / Designer vetting

Identification, sourcing and vetting of cutting-edge talent for your project. This is really where our years of expertise shines.

Development Environment

Selecting and setting up the code repository for your project so you have full control and ownership of your IP at all times.

Staging Server

Assist in helping to setup a staging server where your your developer and make changes to the app app that can be committed and fully tested before pushing to the server.

Project Management tools

Setting up the preferred project management tool so the project scope and be divided up into manageable weekly stints that can be accurately tracked by everyone on the team from the beginning to the end of the project.

Stand-up Meetings

Scheduling required weekly meetings where the team can outline the work week and review progress of the app.

scheduling tools

Setting up a central calendar and connecting it to team members, events and project milestones so weekly stand-ups can be more productive and better attended.

Contracts / Legal Documents

Assist in helping to draw up the necessary contracts and legal documents to cover non-disclosures, non-competes, intellectual property and talent agreements

 Client Training / Support

 After the two week ramp up, your project is ready to start and you have everything you need to ensure the highest rate of success for a professionally built app.

It was a great experience working with a professional project manager. Thanks to Scott, I was able to establish a permanent developer role with a great client creating cool apps in cutting-edge tech.
— Adam, Expert iOS Developer, Budapest, Hungary