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Recruiting  Solutions.


Hiring made Easy.

Requirement Qualifications

First, we take the time to listen and understand your company’s business needs, culture and requirements. 


To complete the hiring process, we ensure all forms, screenings and certifications are verified before the employee starts. 


Our recruiters tap their industry knowledge and extensive networks to identify and qualify the most suited candidates for your requirements.


Leave the coordination and details to us. We’ll do everything to prepare a smooth start for you and your new worker.


No one dedicates the time we take to get to know and understand each candidate beyond just a resume or work history. Our process is rigorous and intense.


We continually ask how our candidates are doing, how we are doing and how we can improve our performance. It’s how we ensure your success and the value of our service. 

We came to AEC when we were in a tough spot and had a deadline to meet. Scott is the ultimate professional when it comes to recruiting great talent and guiding you through the process. He has a very high level of recruiting expertise which really shines when he is interviewing potential developers and weeding through the ‘fluff’ to get you the cream of the crop!

Our Process in detail

  • Expert Resume Identification & Qualification. AEC has a large database of qualified engineers that has been built up over the years. We only submit resumes with full contact information and current salary/motivation details.  
  • Candidate Pre-Screening. We pre-screen all our candidates to determine motivation, communication skills and salary requirements. This information is provided to our clients at the top of every resume submittal.          
  • Interview Co-Ordination and Feedback. When setting up and co-ordinating interviews, AEC leaves nothing to chance. Our interview confirmation email is the best system available and we provide prompt feedback to clients and candidates afterwards.
  • Reference Checks. At the client's request, AEC will preform the reference checks on our candidates or provide the references for our clients to check. AEC uses a very comprehensive reference check form for our reference checks.    
  • Offer Negotiation & Placement. Here at AEC we believe the hard copy of the offer should just be a formality and that client and candidate should already know the offer has been accepted before it is sent out to be signed. By working through AEC, both client and candidate have the opportunity to verbally hammer out the details of an offer until both sides are happy and the placement is made.  
  • Exclusive Territory (non-compete). Our client relationships are what make us who we are. AEC will not work with any competing client in your geographical area.